Scrim & Cyc

Sharkstooth Scrim can be made to look opaque by lighting the front of it with no light behind, translucent by lighting both the front and behind, and completely transparent by only lighting behind it. Scrims can also be painted. When lit from the front a painted scrim will look like a solid painted drop, but with a shift of the lighting can fade out or completely disappear in an instant.

Keep in mind that the width of the fabric will become the height of the finished scrim, so stages greater than 31’ wide can still get a seamless scrim.

Filled Leno is similar to Sharkstooth Scrim except the open weave is filled. This makes a flat surface with just the right amount of texture to reflect light, making a perfect opaque cyclorama. Leno is available in widths up to 31’ and in white or grey.

Other useful cyc fabrics include Stretch Fabrics, Image Cloth, useful for spray-painted drops, and PD cloth for green screen effects.

Need a custom sewn scrim or cyc? Contact a BellaTEX dealer.