Curtain Repair

If your existing curtains, no matter the manufacturer, are in reasonably good shape but just need repair, alteration, or flame retardant application, BellaTEX can help. Sometimes, repairing torn hems or seams or replacing missing hardware such as grommets or chains can add years of life to your curtains. If your curtains need to be retreated for flame retardancy, our immersion application is much preferred over a spray-on chemical applied in the field. While it is possible for a dealer to vacuum your curtains onsite and spray on a flame retardant, this method is messy and not very effective. Our immersion process is backed by a five-year written guarantee and meets or exceeds the NFPA #701 Small Scale Test.

It is important to note that if your curtains are dry-rotted, badly damaged, or extremely worn, the practicality of repair may be an issue. Call us for further information if you have questions about restoring your stage curtains.