How Much Will It Cost

If you’re like most people looking at new stage curtains, one of the first things you want to know is how much it’s going to cost. And like many people, you may already be frustrated by the run-around you get every time you ask a dealer that question. Why can’t anyone just give you a straight answer?

Despite superficial similarities, every stage is different and every theater will vary based on its respective stage curtain needs. However, our at-a-glance reference below can help you get a ballpark sense of the size of your project. For a more detailed look at what you might expect, you can check out these four sample projects.

At A Glance

  • Approximately 80% of stage curtain projects will fall between $5,000 and $100,000.
  • An elementary school’s stage needs will tend toward the lower end of the range.
  • Professional touring houses, regional performing arts centers, and facilities with multiple rooms will tend toward the higher end of the range.
  • The stage needs of high schools, churches, and community centers tend to land in the middle 2/3 of the range (approximately $20,000 to $85,000).