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Pulleyman Drill Operated Hoist

Pulley Man Hoist

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Need a quick & easy way to hang drapes that weigh hundreds of pounds? Need to pull an out of balance arbor? Have a heavy cable swag that needs to be dressed up? Why break out a chain hoist to tackle those jobs? The Pulley Man weighs only 5 pounds, and not only can you throw it in your toolbox for easy transport, but you can operate it with your drill. This ingenious hoist is rated up to 600 lbs. straight lift and 1,200 lbs double-reeved with the included snatch block. Max travel speed is apx 30 fpm (15 fpm double reeved). It is rated for overhead use in entertainment environments. The Pulley Man comes with a 30' lift cable. However, you can easily replace the cable and extend it to any length needed. The lift cable is a standard 3/16" 7X19 wire rope (aircraft cable).

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