BellaTEX Curtain Finishes

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BellaTEX Curtain Finishes
BellaTEX Stage Curtains Sewing Tables

BellaTEX Stage Curtains Sewing Tables

Many options exist when it comes to curtain finishes. Although BellaTEX can provide custom finishes to your specifications, these are the most common types of finishes that we provide with our curtains.


The top hem is reinforced by a continuous piece of webbing and grommeted every 12” with a heavy duty #3 steel grommet.  Grommets have a durable non-reflective matte black finish. For curtains to be attached to stationary battens a 30” piece of black tie line is provided in each grommet. The pictures below are an example of the “Grommets and Ties” top hem finish, back view (with black webbing) and front view:

Grommet and Tie on Webbing Back View


Grommet and Tie Top View

If the top will be exposed to audience view, we offer “hidden grommets & ties” so the curtain covers the batten, as seen in the image below:

hidden grommets and ties


If the curtain is intended to be attached to tracks, grommets are provided with 1-1/2” self closing bit snaps or, optionally, 1” self closing flush harness snaps.  We generally recommend against S-hooks.


Grommet and Bit Snap Front

Bit Snap and Webbing Back View



Grommets, Bit Snaps, Webbing

Hidden snaps are available as well:

Hidden Harness Snap and Webbing Side View


Curtains can also be provided with no grommets:

Pleat Top View



Fullness refers to how much extra fabric is sewn into the curtain, and is achieved by making pleats. Typically, 50% fullness is sufficient, although we recommend 75% or more for Grand Drapes and Valances.  The extra fabric not only makes the curtain look more luxurious, but it also helps deaden stage noises and blocks bright back lighting, which is typical when the curtain opens to a fully lit stage.

Some curtain manufacturers “cheat the pleats”. This means that although the curtain may look pleated from the front, in actuality only a small percentage of the curtain has been brought into the pleat. At BellaTEX, we do not cheat our pleats. In the following picture of the back view of a pleat, you can see the vertical seam below the webbing in the center of this pleat:

Webbing with no Top Finish Back View

This important seam means that we have pulled in enough fabric to create a FULL pleat, as indicated by the seam down the center. Anyone can check the pleats of their existing curtain to see just how much fabric is brought to the center. If your existing curtain has only two small seams at either side of the pleat, it means your curtains may not have as much fullness as they should have.


The standard bottom hems are a 3” or 5” flat hem. The image below is shown with a dust ruffle:


The 6” hem with weight tape option is very popular.because weight tape is less noisy as it moves across the stage floor. Weight tape is encased in a muslin pocket hung 1” above the bottom of the curtain to prevent excessive wear.  Pipe pockets are lined with heavy weight muslin. Weight tape is pictured below (opened so the inner construction is visible):

Weight Tape Open View

We also offer 6” hems with reinforced pipe pockets, 6” hems with a pipe flap, or 6” hems with chain weight and pipe pocket (Chain weight is pictured deconstructed below):

Chain Weight Open View

Most any other hem can be accommodated.


Handles are fabric handholds stitched to the back side of the curtain at the side hem and first panel joint. They are used by stagehands to grasp the curtain and pull (page) it open from the back side to allow an actor, MC, or other person to pass through without struggling through folds of fabric. Paging Handles are provided on both sides of the curtain unless otherwise specified.  For bi-parting draw curtains, this means the curtain can be paged at either side of the proscenium opening and at the middle split.

BellaTEX paging handle shown on grand drape

Paging Handle 2


The dust ruffle is a sacrificial piece of fabric added to the bottom hem of draw curtains. It is stitched to the back side and hangs approximately 2” below the curtain. It is intended to drag the floor to prevent light leaks and, in the case of an elevated stage, prevent the audience from seeing under the curtain.  The dust ruffle can be removed and replaced without damaging the curtain if it becomes worn.



Grand drape dust ruffle detail

BellaTEX also provides embroidered letters, fringe, custom cut-outs, and other finishes.

One important item that BellaTEX provides is a custom curtain tag. With most manufacturers, the curtains are shipped with tags stating only the name of the manufacturer, leaving the name of the dealer off. When the end user wants to replace, repair, or flame-test a curtain, sometimes years down the road, they will refer to the curtain to find out where the curtain came from. This is why BellaTEX curtain tags list the name of the dealer in addition to our information. We want the end user to be able to contact the dealer for assistance.

BellaTEX Custom Curtain Tag

Contact us at 1-800-372-3373 for more information about curtain finishing options.